The development and function of the adolescent brain is no doubt, very different than that of an adult.  Situations involving trauma and abuse can impact a teen in drastically different ways than that same situation would an adult. At Journeys, we recognize this difference and work with our teen clients to first create safety, establish trust, and connection so the healing journey can begin.


Today’s teens are faced with a variety of challenges and issues. Individuals may choose to seek therapy for help with:

  • Feelings of anxiety or depression

  • Thoughts of suicide or self-injury (cutting/burning)

  • Early signs of addiction (alcohol, drugs, eating disorders)

  • Disclosures of trauma and abuse

  • Inappropriate sexual behavior

  • Isolation

  • Anger outbursts

A Journeys Counselor Can Help

Therapy can help with these behaviors.  We use a variety of ways to connect with teens through music, art, journaling, and teen culture.  Our therapists work to partner with each client to collaboratively craft a plan to identify the issues, learn to express feelings in healthy ways, establish coping skills, and heal from the trauma experience. The process will give your teen a safe place of their own where they can develop a healthy sense of self and awareness that will stay with them as they enter adulthood. Parents are encouraged to participate whenever appropriate in assessment, treatment planning and on-going care.


We generally recommend scheduling a initial assessment with a Journeys counselor to evaluate what your child or family's specific needs are, as well as determining best options for treatment and more precise answers to the questions you may have about the process. The Journeys team strives to provide you with the best fit professionally, and will happily direct you to the counselor with the best personality, expertise and approach for your family.

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