Being involved in ministry can be very fulfilling, and often times quite challenging.

Faith based clients who are involved in full or part time ministry can feel torn between feeling like they are doing what God has called them to do and being emotionally, physically, and spiritually exhausted. Whether you are involved in full time or part time ministry, on the mission field, volunteering at a church or a para-church organization, providing lay or professional counseling, or preparing to enter ministry, you may have concerns that need to be addressed. We see many people in ministry who are struggling with:

  • Preparing for field placement

  • Reentering American culture after living internationally

  • Stressors of ministry on the family system

  • Experiences of misuse of power and/or spiritual abuse

  • Dealing with past issues, like trauma and abuse, in preparation for working with others

  • Preparing to move overseas or away from support systems

  • Self-care in the midst of serving others in ministry

  • Grief support and counsel around loss

  • Working through traumatic experiences and exposure to human suffering during ministry or missions work

  • Relational stressors as a result of ministry work (marriage, friends, family)

A Journeys Counselor Can Help

Whether you are preparing to serve others or currently serving others, it is important to care for your own spiritual, emotional, and physical health. Having an encouraging and compassionate professional through this important journey can be very valuable.  You and your counselor can work together to identify resources and consider your strengths to help you attain long-term success in your ministry work. 

Journeys therapists are specially trained in integrating faith and mental health resources to provide you with holistic care. Our therapists have experience and training in assessment, theology, integration of faith, spiritual abuse, and team dynamics.  Each therapist has their own specialization and approach, but our team approach will help ensure that you find a therapist who is best for you.


You may still have concerns about seeking treatment while involved in ministry…

“If I just had more faith, I wouldn’t be in need of counseling.”

Reaching out for help and assistance is an act of faith and courage. Our therapists will be respectful of your personal beliefs and connection with God. They will collaborate with you to find the best treatment approach and goals for therapy. The therapy process will provide you with invaluable self-awareness and personal healing that is vital to achieve as you actively serve (or prepare to serve) others in your community.


We generally recommend scheduling an initial assessment with a Journeys counselor to evaluate your specific needs, as well as determining best options for treatment and more precise answers to the questions you may have about the process. The Journeys team strives to provide you with the perfect fit professionally, and will happily direct you to the counselor with the best personality, expertise and approach for you. 

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Need help? Contact our administrative assistant here with any questions, concerns or to be matched with a therapist that is best suited for your needs.