Consider asking yourself these questions:

  • Does depression, anger, or anxiety hold you back from the kind of life you want?

  • Is it difficult to balance work and home? Or do you tend to neglect or worry about one or both?

  • Do you find it difficult to maintain intimacy with your spouse or kids?

  • Do you battle habits like alcohol / drugs, pornography, or over-eating?

  • Do you frequently feel attracted to others besides your spouse?

 Ironically, while most men share some aspect of these experiences, we are often so disconnected from our hearts and careful about allowing ourselves to be exposed that we avoid dealing with the obstacles that hold us back. It's true that life is hard. It can leave its mark on us in the form of estranged hearts trained more for surviving than thriving. But the good news is that you are not alone; and these challenges can be overcome - freeing us to have the kinds of relationships and lives we deeply long for.

Mending the Soul Can Help You Move Toward Freedom

Journey's Mending the Soul for Men is a faith-based, curriculum-guided therapy group designed to facilitate the unique results possible when men join together on a shared journey toward healing and freedom. Led by MTS-trained, licensed Journeys counselors, the group integrates evidence-based therapy practices, such as therapeutic journaling and focused discussion, with complementary biblical principles to create a safe and intentional space for healing and growth. While a single MTS experience may not resolve all the challenges you face, it can facilitate several significant steps toward that end.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect from MTS as a faith-based therapy group?

 It's not uncommon for the idea of counseling to seem intimidating at first. After forming, the first group session is often spent discussing reasons for joining, desired gains, and any preferred approaches that might be helpful. While MTS groups are significantly client-centered, they are also largely guided by the Mending the Soul Workbook, available on-line at Amazon, the Mending the Soul bookstore and at the Journeys office. Each session aims to tackle one chapter in the workbook and groups are about 13 weeks long. A companion book, also entitled Mending the Soul, is also available and might be a helpful place to start when considering a group.

While therapy groups like MTS for Men are deeply personal experiences, they are also professional counseling services in which licensed therapists seek to facilitate client healing and growth while adhering to the ethical and clinical guidelines of the counseling profession. As counselors, we're committed to help client gain and maintain control over their own lives. We cannot "fix"; but we can empower and equip you with the tools needed to make the changes you desire.


How do I know I'm ready for a group like this? 

That's a great question! Readiness and motivation are essential elements to the success of this experience. Brief intake interviews with MTS facilitators help you decide if this is the right time for an MTS group. If you're already meeting with a counselor, you might wish to ask their opinion. Like a team showing up for game-day, each participant's presence in every session is an important element to success. Clients are asked to commit to all 12 sessions before joining, discussing anticipated scheduling problems in advance. Clients with active drug or alcohol dependencies or acute trauma-based disorders such as PTSD or Personality Disorders are encouraged to disclose this to MTS facilitators in advance so the risks and appropriateness of this group can be explored and discussed.


Is there anything I should do to prepare?

1) Complete a brief intake interview with a Journeys MTS counselor.

2) Check with personal, family, and work schedules to ensure your availability.

3) Purchase and look over the Mending the Soul Workbook.

4) Complete all Journeys and MTS Intake paperwork.

5) Choose in advance to show up... in body, mind, and heart.


If you are interested in joining a MTS group, please contact the suggested therapist below for more information. We run groups year-round. Enrollment is often based on best fit and first-come, first-served. Prices and dates vary depending on the group.

We often form groups based on interest, so if there is a topic or group you are interested in that is not currently listed, please contact us and let us know. We strive to offer services that are in high-demand and relevant to our clients.

Need help? Contact our administrative manager here with any questions, concerns or to be matched with a group that is best suited for your needs.


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