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"Mending the Soul Ministries, Inc. is a Section 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to equipping and resourcing community and church leaders around the world in an informed and compassionate response to those impacted by abuse. MTS transforms individuals and organizations by a training sequence that begins when leaders receive healing in relationship to restore the broken and rebuild community. MTS resources are psychologically informed, culturally relevant, and theologically precise—integrating scientific and social science research with biblical and theological truth."

Mending the Soul groups are helpful for:

  • Identifying and naming unhealthy or abusive experiences

  • Processing abuse, abandonment or neglect—childhood or adult experiences

  • Unhealthy or abusive marriage

  • Unhealthy or abusive dating relationship

  • Spiritual abuse or unhealthy church conflict

  • Identifying and working through feelings of guilt or shame

  • Decreasing isolation and connecting with others

  • Moving forward in health and learning to set boundaries

  • Stopping the cycle of generational abuse in families

Mending the Soul Groups Help Change Lives

MTS professional therapy groups offer a unique life experience that propels individuals into growth, healing and victory over shame, secrecy and abuse. Trained and compassionate counselors guide safe interactions with group members who are all on the same journey towards freedom. This setting offers support, encouragement, and education for those with similar symptoms or life experiences resulting from emotional, spiritual and physical wounds. Working together with the internationally recognized and biblically based MTS curriculum, these 12-14 week groups are often pivotal and life changing experiences for all who participate.

Journeys approach to MTS Groups

Journeys counselors are specially trained to facilitate Mending the Soul groups and are often sought after for the high level of safety they create within the group, allowing healing to happen naturally.

They use a variety of methods in the group process including:

  • Establishing safety

  • Healthy emotional processing

  • Facilitating peer-to-peer and group sharing

  • Psycho-education on relevant topics

  • Professional guidance through MTS materials

  • Assistance with in-the-moment experiences that promote change and healing


The benefits of doing a professionally led group include:

  • Professional level of confidentiality

  • Licensed therapists

  • Professional assistance in addressing mental health issues that can co-occur with abuse

  • Broader assessment of trauma and readiness for group work,

  • An alternate for those who do not feel comfortable in the church/para-church setting


You may be thinking…

“I really want the benefits of an MTS group but sharing my thoughts and story with others seems too risky, I am not sure if I am ready”.

A Journeys therapist that is specially trained in the MTS model of abuse and healing can meet with you to complete an intake to assess and discuss together if an MTS group is the right next step for you.


"Is there anything I should do to prepare"?

  1. Complete a brief intake or consult with a Journeys MTS counselor.

  2. Check with personal, family, and work schedules to ensure your availability.

  3. Purchase and look over the Mending the Soul Workbook.

  4. Complete all Journeys and MTS Intake paperwork.

  5. Choose in advance to show up... in body, mind, and heart.


If you are interested in joining a MTS group, please contact one of the suggested therapists for more information. We run groups year-round. Enrollment is often based on best fit and first-come, first-served. Prices and dates vary depending on the group. Contact therapist below for the latest dates and groups for MTS.

We often form groups based on interest, so if there is a topic or group you are interested in that is not currently listed, please contact us and let us know. We strive to offer services that are in high-demand and relevant to our clients.

Need help? Contact our administrative assistant here with any questions, concerns or to be matched with a group that is best suited for your needs.