Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)

“When a trauma occurs it seems to get locked in the nervous system with the original picture, sounds, thoughts, and feelings.” Bilateral stimulation helps the nervous system unlock, so that the brain can process the experience. “It is important to remember that it is your own brain that will be doing the healing and that you are the one in control.”

- Shapiro


How have clients at Journeys been helped by EMDR?

Many clients have been helped at Journeys by EMDR. We have seen survivors of spiritual abuse be freed from chronic toxic messages that have been disabling for years. EMDR allowed them to reconnect with their faith in a healthy and connected way, without the old abusive messages continuing to interfere. This is just one of many examples. Journeys therapists use EMDR in a trauma informed and spiritually safe manner, after a careful assessment process.

What issues can EMDR help?

  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder 

  • Trauma and Abuse Recovery

  • Addictions and relapse prevention

  • Depression

  • Anxiety/Anxiety attacks/Panic attacks

    (This is not an exhaustive list but rather, some of the most common issues helped be EMDR)

How does this work?

Traumatic memories begin to resolve when they are activated in a manner that differs from normal memory recall. Researchers believe that the bilateral stimulation used in EMDR helps to facilitate a shift that allows the brain to reprocess these memories in a healthy way. This shift allows the brain to “identify and strengthen new associations to the traumatic memories and eventually to weaken the hold of the familiar, stereotypical associations and emotions that had blocked the adaptive resolution of the traumatic memories.” EMDR therapy is recognized as an evidence based practice because it has been scientifically evaluated and demonstrated to be effective.

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We generally recommend scheduling an initial assessment with a Journeys counselor to evaluate your specific needs, as well as determining best options for treatment and more precise answers to the questions you may have about the process. The Journeys team strives to provide you with the perfect fit professionally, and will happily direct you to the counselor with the best personality, expertise and approach for you. 

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