Ministry organizations and churches have tremendous needs to meet with in their communities.

It can be overwhelming to be knowledgeable in every area of need. Journeys desires to support churches, para-church organizations, and ministry organizations in meeting the needs of their staff, congregations, and the community they serve. Journeys therapists have specialized training and practical experience in a wide variety of areas.

Some of the services we can offer include:

  • Teaching and training on a variety of mental health related topics

  • Teaching and training on abuse and domestic violence and how to respond safely

  • Providing direct counseling services

  • Meeting with pastors and elders to facilitate an understanding of mental health services

  • Talking to Singles about relationships, sexuality, and healthy connection

  • Talking to Couples about building healthy patterns in their marriages

  • Talking to helpers/leaders/lay counselors about the process of emotional healing from abuse

  • Consulting support to churches that have Mending the Soul ministries

  • Working with a counseling pastor or lay counseling ministry when professional mental health services are needed

  • Educating on or discussing professional counseling services and what to expect at Journeys Counseling Center

Why Seek Professional Services?

Churches and ministry organizations can offer wonderful support and community. There are times when people need the training of a professional or the confidentiality of the counseling office. Journeys therapists are specially trained in integrating psychology and theology into counseling services.

Journeys Is Equipped To Assist

Sometimes it will be necessary to refer staff or a member of the congregation out for professional services. At Journeys we understand that you want the best for the people you serve.  It can feel uncertain to refer to a therapist you have never met. At Journeys, we are committed to developing a relationship with your church or organization. We love doing trainings in one of our specialty areas, meeting for lunch to get to know you and answer questions, or offering support when mental health questions come up. Requests can also be made for a topic your organization or church desires and we will respond to that as best we can.


For more information on consulting or working with Journeys through our Community services, please contact Roxane Thorstad.

Need help? Contact our administrative staff here with any questions, concerns or to discuss if Community services are right for you and your organization.