Why 0-5 therapy/early intervention?

Parenting in the early years can feel like you are in a never ending game of charades trying to make sense out of an array of behaviors and emotions without a timer to end the round or the ability to see the cue-card. Your little one does not have the language yet to express what happened to them to cause such a big response. This can cause a lot of frustration, breed exhaustion, and feelings of helplessness and may have a significant impact on the parent-child relationship, which is the initial template for how your child will filter through all other relationships in his/her life.  A central goal of 0-5 therapy is to provide the parents/caregivers with a personalized “cue-card,” or a translator, to understand how their little ones’ behaviors, or expressions, is their way of communicating what is going on with them and how they are doing.

Some of the reasons that bring parents/guardians in for therapy with their infant/toddler:

  • Early Childhood Assessment

  • Developmental Screenings

  • Parent/Child Relationship

  • Attachment and Bonding

  • Sibling Relationships

  • Peer Interactions

  • Trauma and Abuse

  • Aggression and/or Defiance

  • Fostering and Adoption

  • Transitions

  • Blended families/Non-traditional Family Structures

  • Parental Support

  • Social/Emotional Delays

What you can expect from a Journeys 0-5 Therapist?

When there are concerns so early on in a child’s life, it is hard for parents not to take it personally – as if they did something wrong or they passed it down to their child.  In 0-5 therapy, there is no judgment made about or towards the parents/caregivers; there is a desire to understand through gaining the family and child’s history, learning about what has worked and not worked, noticing the child’s actions in response to the parent(s)/caregiver(s), provide psycho-education to infant/early childhood development, and wondering if new interventions or interactions can be incorporated. Since children, birth-five, cannot be understood or viewed apart from their environment - they are dependent on their parents/caregivers for nourishment, hygiene, sleep, socialization, emotional regulation and understanding; 0-5 therapeutic services will include their parent(s)/caregiver(s) and focus on supporting the relationship between the two.

Once your child is a participant in the session, therapy will often be done through play as this is a child’s primarily language and means of learning.  Parents/Guardians are encouraged to engage in this portion of therapy as well.


You can set up a parental consultation appointment with our 0-5 Therapist, where you can discuss your child’s present needs and collaborate with the therapist on what type of assessments will be needed prior to developing an individualized treatment plan for your child and incorporating them in treatment.

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Jessica Drachenberg, MA-MFT, LAMFT

Jessica Drachenberg, MA-MFT, LAMFT