Are you trying to help your child recuperate from a major life change?

  • Has your child experienced any significant losses within the past year?

  • Are you concerned that your child may be struggling with your recent divorce?

  • Are you worried that your divorce is having a negative impact on your child?

  • Is your child struggling to adjust to a recent school change?

  • Is your child having a tough time facing the reality of not being able to play a certain sport or belong to a particular extracurricular activity?

  • Is your child struggling with making or keeping friends?

  • Is your child having difficulty adjusting to a new step-family situation?

  • Do you feel disconnected from your child after a step-family transition?


Children experience many transitions throughout life. These can include adjustments in the area of family, relationships, school, or extracurricular activities. A myriad of factors, including temperament, lack of life experiences, or being faced with too many changes at one time, can impact the child’s ability to weather these challenges. Changes in our lives create losses which may need to be grieved. During these seasons, parents may also be experiencing a great deal of adjustment, making it difficult to pinpoint exactly what your child is needing or how to best help them.

Child and Family Counseling Can Offer Assistance and Relief

In the midst of this time of transition, the professionals at Journeys Counseling Center want to help you feel more connected to your child and help you work with your child to find solutions to these difficulties. Some examples may include helping your child find ways to meet basic, universal needs such as belonging, security, recognition, and enjoyment. Also, we may help your child walk through a grieving process that could include understanding who they are in the midst of this change, creating new rituals and finding gains, or recognizing what has remained constant and stable in their lives. In addition, this process may involve building more social and problem solving skills and increasing a sense of self worth through a variety of creative means, such as play, art, or story-telling.

A Journeys counselor can offer support and guidance for your child and family.  We have several counselors who specialize in connecting with children and working with families.  Our offices are warm and inviting for both kids and adults and are furnished with toys, craft supplies, and stuffed animals to foster communication and connection.  Our counselors will also work with parents and/or caregivers on strategies for supporting their children.


We generally recommend scheduling an initial assessment with a Journeys counselor to evaluate what your child or family's specific needs are, as well as determining best options for treatment and more precise answers to the questions you may have about the process. The Journeys team strives to provide you with the best fit professionally, and will happily direct you to the counselor with the best personality, expertise and approach for your family. 

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