Join us each season as we run a new series of Building Blocks.

Our series are facilitated by our unique team of therapists.

Check out our topics below!

Each session is held at Journeys Saturday mornings at 9am-11am.

Please register 48 hours in advance (each Thursday prior) to ensure a spot.

Contact therapist below for the latest dates and groups for Building Blocks.


Are you wanting to...

• Practice emotional and relational skills?

• Establish or sustain healthy boundaries?

• Create more safe places in your life?

• Create momentum in your individual, family or couples work?

• Find a cost-effective alternative to individual or family work?

Life’s challenges can be exhausting, and our coping strategies can be overwhelmed. When we are looking for ways to get unstuck, it can be helpful to learn and practice new skills.  If you are looking for a cost effective way to gain new tools in managing your stressors, Building Blocks is uniquely designed for you.  If you are engaged in a supportive role for someone in your life who is struggling emotionally, Building Blocks are a way for you to refuel and recalibrate.


Building Blocks Can Help

Our highly qualified team of therapists have put together six Building Block sessions chock full of all the information that therapists wish clients could have before their first individual session.   Utilizing information from up-to-date research on trauma, self-care, depression, anxiety, and relationships, these sessions teach the skills that help us all function as healthier adults.  These sessions are basic enough that they can be helpful even if you have had no counseling experience and are robust enough to help even highly trained caregivers or leaders.


We run groups year-round. Enrollment is often based on best fit and first-come, first-served. Prices and dates vary depending on the group. Sign up for our email list below for the latest dates and groups for Building Blocks. 

We often form groups based on interest, so if there is a topic or group you are interested in that is not currently listed, please contact us and let us know. We strive to offer services that are in high-demand and relevant to our clients.

Need help? Contact our administrative manager here with any questions, concerns or to be matched with a group that is best suited for your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

"I want to learn these skills, but how do I know if a group experience is the right fit for me?"

Group experiences can be powerful change agents!  It can be validating to work with a small group of like-minded individuals who struggle with similar issues.  Group work can also motivate you to try skills that you may talk about in individual therapy but never quite put into practice.  Groups are also a cost-effective way to learn a new idea or skill, and the dividends play out in an emotionally and relationally healthier you. Please visit our Groups Main page to learn more about the benefits of group work or contact one of therapists below for a brief screening to make sure groups are a good fit for you!

 "How do I sign up and pay for Building Blocks sessions?"

Click here to download the registration form and email to here, or bring with to register in person before each session. On the form you can sign up for as many courses as you'd like; you are free to pick and choose which courses you attend. All payments are collected prior to services. We accept cash, check or credit card for payment.

What Building Block Attendees are Saying:

“Thank you for offering these classes!  The 2 hour time line makes it more feasible to fit into my schedule. I enjoyed the class so much and really hope you will consider doing more.”

“I leave with a little hope in my heart that life can get better.”

“I appreciated the interactive approach to the material as well as the utilization of a variety of learning methods.”