Bess Moro, MA, LPC, NCC

LICENSED professional Counselor


Specialties Include:

Anxiety & Depression

• Grief and Loss

• Eating Disorders

Crisis of faith

• Gender identity and Sexual orientation


I believe that my job as a counselor is to create a safe place for you to feel completely accepted, no matter the struggle. Having a safe place to process our challenges and be vulnerable creates an environment for restoration, change, and growth.

When sitting with me in the counseling context, you will find yourself sitting with someone that is calming and centered. My focus in therapy is what is best for you. I believe therapy is meant to be a long lasting relationship in order to provide the best mental health care possible. This type of therapy is what results in long lasting change. I believe that the therapies that tend to be quick and controlled result in immediate change, but not long lasting. Lasting change takes time, energy, and relationship.

The counseling theories I tend to use are psychodynamic, existential, depth, and person centered. I believe these theories create space for acceptance and healing no matter the challenge. As a counselor I believe these are the best modalities for the client in order to feel known, heard, and accepted.